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Sachet Cartoning Machine

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Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description


Suitable for granules, powder, liquid products in sachet with cartoning requirements.

Technical Features

1.Automatic feeding, box opening, boxing, printing, sealing, waste rejecting, featured by compact and reasonable structure, user-friendly  operation.

2. Adopts servo/stepping motor, PLC control system, touch display, clear, simple and highly automatic controlled.

3.Photoelectric sensors ensures that no cartoning is made if there is no bag feeding so as to save material to the utmost extent.

4. With wide range of applications and tool-free adjustments, changeover among different specifications can be realized.

5. Automatic stopping function is activated when the boxing material is not in right place, main drive motor overload protection is used, the machine impresses with stable and safety performance.

6. Upturning cover is optional.

7. This machine can be used both as stand-alone solution and spacesaving combinations with other machine in production line.

8. Various automatic feeder and box feeding system for tailor-made applications.

9. Hot melt machine is optional according to requirements, both hot melt adhesive sealing machine and mechanical brush sealing machine are available.


Technical Parameters

1.Cartoning Capacity30120cartons/min

2.Applicable Carton Size(L×W×H):(70200)×(3080)×(1560

3.Carton Quality Requirements250300g/m3

4.Applicable Specifications Paper SizeL100260mm×W100190mm

5. Specifications Paper Quality Requirements5570g/m3

6.Power Supply1.5KW, 3phase 4wire 380V 50Hz

7.Noise Level:≤80dB

8.Compressed Air Requirements0.50.8Mpa, 120160L/min

9.External Dimensions3100+1500)×1400×1650mm

10. Machine Weight1200Kg

Product Image

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